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Wow! Our first Karndean Kaleidoscope Floor

Wednesday 29 November 2017

At Red Carpets Leicester we were very excited to be asked to install this flooring as it was our first floor from the Karndean Kaleidoscope range.  This flooring is Karndean Kaleidoscope Cubix Knight and we think it looks truly stunning!

The Karndean Kaleidoscope range is a unique collection with six geometric designs including hexagons, cubix and chevrons.  Each Kaleidoscope floor has been individually cut from established Karndean wood and stone ranges.  When it comes to designing your own Karndean Kaleidoscope floor these shapes can be arranged in an endless combination of patterns to create exactly the look that you are after.

If you’re looking for a striking or unique floor then Karndean Kaleidoscope could be just what you’re after.  We have samples of the complete range and would be delighted to help to design you a new floor.  Just pop in and see us any time in Anstey or South Wigston.