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Looking for a coloured carpet?

Wednesday 28 February 2018

We all know that neutral coloured carpets are very popular.  They make a room feel more spacious and put the focus on the rooms furnishings.  There are, however, times when you might be wanting a coloured carpet and then how do you decide on which colour?

The first step in picking a colour for your carpet is to decide how much of an impact you want the colour to have in the room.  If you want a strong colour for the carpet, then the colour options for your walls will be more limited. However, light or muted tones, such as pale blues, greys, or greens, allow for more versatility in wall colour.

Another step to consider is that you could pick a colour from your furniture or curtains.  If you choose a darker shade of that hue, then the room will feel more cosy.  If you choose a lighter shade, then the room will feel more open.  If the room faces west or south, a warm colour will make the room feel hotter.  A cool colour will make the room feel more refreshing and relaxing.

For more impact, you could choose a patterned carpet.  Patterned carpet is a great choice if you have children or pets.  The colours and patterns will hide any spills or stains.  Striped carpets are another option and particularly popular on stairs.

Whether you fancy a particular colour, a pattern or a neutral carpet, we will have something to suit you at our showroom in either South Wigston or Anstey.  Come and see us and be inspired!