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Look after your flooring this summer

Wednesday 15 July 2020

You may think that autumn or winter is the time of year that takes most toll on your flooring, but in some ways summer can be even worse.  Have you got children traipsing in and out all day or going from paddling pool to sandpit and then coming in?  Pets that are shedding their winter coats?  To keep your flooring looking good this summer, here are our simple tips:

  • Doormats at each door into your home will help to reduce the amount of dirt being brought into your home.
  • Take shoes off when you come inside – this is the easiest way to stop mud and dirt being spread throughout your home.  Or better still, just stay outside!
  • Clean up any mishaps as quickly as possible – cleaning up food and drink spills or mud and dirt as soon as possible will prevent them from becoming stubborn stains.
  • Sweep up hard floor areas often – removal of dirt from hard floor areas will stop it being transferred to other rooms.
  • Vacuum regularly – in particular high traffic areas and those areas close to front and back doors.  Dirt left on carpets can be trodden deep into the carpet, so the quicker dirt is removed from carpets the better!
  • Sunlight can fade carpets and other flooring, so if you’re going away consider drawing curtains or blinds to prevent direct sunlight shining on your flooring.

We hope that your flooring looks good all summer.  However if you are feel that the time has come to replace your flooring, please come and see our range of carpets, vinyl and luxury vinyl tiles in our showrooms in South Wigston, Anstey and Market Harborough.