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Look after your carpets this Halloween with our top tips!

Wednesday 24 October 2018

A Halloween party can be a scary time for a carpet!  With extra foot traffic from visitors and trick or treaters, food and drink spills, wax from candles and pumpkins mess, even the most pristine carpet can end up looking a little the worse for wear.

Here are our top tips for reducing wear and damage as much as possible:

  • Ask guests to remove their shoes.  This is the single easiest way to reduce dirt from entering your carpets.  Failing that, ensure that you have a good doormat and ask guests to wipe their feet.
  • Treat spills immediately.  They won't get better if left and they can become harder to remove.  Spills are best absorbed using a towel or kitchen roll but always blot and don’t rub, as rubbing could damage the fibres and drive the spill further into the carpet.  Likewise, if pumpkin or sweets end up on the floor, pick up what you can as quickly as possible to avoid it being trodden into the carpet
  • Place candles on coasters to prevent wax spilling on the carpet.  Although wax can usually be removed, colourings in the wax can remain permanently
  • If you are carving pumpkins, put down plenty of newspaper to catch the mess.  It's much easier to pick up some newspaper than clean up bits of pumpkin that have been trodden into your carpet!

We hope your carpets survive Halloween, but if you have a mishap that means it’s time for a new carpet, come and see us for some amazing deals.  Happy Halloween from us all at Red Carpets!