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Keep your Karndean flooring looking as good as new!

Wednesday 15 May 2019

If you’ve had your Karndean flooring fitted you’ll know how fabulous it looks when it’s first installed.  In order to keep it looking like this for as long as possible, here are our simple tips:

  • Mop up any spills as soon as you can to reduce any risk of staining.
  • Regularly sweep the floor to remove loose dirt or grit as these can cause fine scratches.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other objects across the floor and use felt protector pads on the bottom of furniture and chair legs to prevent scratching.
  • Use entrance mats to protect against grit and moisture, making sure the mats are backed with natural latex rather than rubber.
  • Use load bearing castors to protect against indentation from heavy furniture.
  • Avoid the use of regular household cleaners, especially bleach-based products, as they could make the floor slippery or cause discolouration.  Everything that you need to look after your Karndean floor is included in the Karndean Floor Care Kit.  We have them in stock for only £30.

We are a Karndean Platinum Partner so if you need any further help or advice on your Karndean floor, please pop in and see us in South Wigston or Anstey.

Photo shows Karndean Dune with a Davyne border and grout strips between the tiles.