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Have children or pets? You need a Cormar stain resistant carpet!

Wednesday 05 June 2019

Do you have children or pets?  Are you a bit accident prone?  If so, you are probably worried about having a new carpet in case you ruin it with spills and stains.

At Red Carpets, we offer Cormar’s full range of family friendly carpets.  These carpets are soft enough to play on yet durable enough to cope with children and pets.  This range of easy clean child and pet friendly carpets come with a 10-year stain and wear guarantee.

Made from specially developed high-quality polypropylene fibre, these carpets are soft and comfortable but will repel household spills or stains.  Instead of absorbing a spill, the liquid literally sits on top of the fibres for easy cleaning.  If food or drink does get trodden into the carpet, then you can use normal household bleach to remove it without damaging the carpet in any way.  Not surprisingly these are one of the most popular types of carpets that we sell.

If you think a stain resistant carpet is just what you need, come and look at our selection at our showrooms in South Wigston or Anstey. 

Photo shows Cormar Soft Focus Milkshake carpet