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Why We Love Vinyl Flooring

Wednesday 04 October 2017

Historically vinyl flooring has had a pretty bad reputation.  If you’ve not looked at vinyl flooring for a few years, you could be very pleasantly surprised.  Here’s a few reasons why we love vinyl flooring:

Vinyl flooring is low maintenance

All you need to do is sweep and mop it.  It is also highly water resistant so perfect in kitchens and bathrooms where splashes, spillages and steam are all around!

Vinyl flooring is comfortable

Vinyl flooring doesn’t get cold so it will always be much warmer and softer underfoot than many other hard floors such as wood, tiles or stone flooring.  It’s also much quieter to walk on.  Some vinyls have a padded layer which provides and extra layer of sound insulation and additional heat insulation.

Vinyl flooring is versatile

We think a vinyl floor can look great in any room of your home, especially when you consider the wide range of designs available.  Whether you are after something retro-style, traditional, classic or modern; a wooden effect, stone effect or mosaic; something plain or patterned; there is bound to be something just right for the look that you want.

Vinyl flooring won’t break the bank

At Red Carpets Leicester we have a huge selection of vinyl floorings in stock ready for you to pick from today.  Due to our huge buying power we can negotiate great deals so have some top quality vinyls at great prices.  If you are looking for a bargain, then come and browse our selection of remnants which start at an amazing £10.

If you’d like a vinyl floor in your home then please come and see our huge range in either Anstey or South Wigston.